Please note changes to Services!

It is with great sadness that Bemerton Parish have had to change the services we are offering this Christmas. We are aware of the guidelines that our local schools have been following to keep everybody safe and we feel we need to take a lead from them as to what services we have and how we do them.

We know many of you have a Christmas planned with friends and family to make up for last year and we don’t want to risk people having to spend Christmas in isolation because they have caught Covid at one of our services because we haven’t taken necessary steps to keep everybody safe.

As a result we have cancelled some services and moved almost all of our others outside. Please see the image below to tell you where our services will be.

To be very clear the following services have been cancelled:

Friday 17th December 4pm Carols with Lanterns at St John’s Place.

Sunday 19th December 6pm at St Andrew’s.

Friday 24th December Crib Services at St Michael’s (3pm) and St Peter’s School (4:30pm). There will be a Zoom only Nativity at 3pm. To promote safeguarding the meeting ID and password will be sent out to those who request it be emailing rector.bemerton@rectorbemerton We may place something on Facebook as well – if I can get enough willing volunteers to star in a performance!

Christmas Day the 9:15 Christmas Eucharist at St Peter’s School.

Wishing you a safe, joyful and peace-filled Christmas.

Rev Kev.

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