Charities we support

Morning Star

This Charity works to care for the homeless in Salisbury. They provide food, and advice, support, and training for churches and others who want to help.

It is run by Bev and Dave – between them they have over 30 years experience, working with people who are hurting and broken hearted, due to addictive lifestyles, broken relationships, unemployment, homelessness and mental health issues.Their previous experience ranges from working as support workers, up to Senior Management post as Chief Executive in a well known National Supported Housing organisation.

Christian Aid

This international charity is part of the UK Disaster Relief team, but also does work all round the world in relieving poverty and the causes of poverty – sometimes campaigning for dropping the debt, or for clean drinking water. They also work in the UK. They do not just help Christians, as some think, but they are run by Christians and work with Christian values and partners.

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South Africa

We have a friendship built up over a decade and several trips each way with a lady called Thobile, who runs a children’s home in a township in South Africa. Some of these children are orphans, and she also runs a hospice where many are dying from AIDS.