Children’s prayers

Dear Lord
Thank you for the day Jesus was born. We call this day Christmas. This is a day when we celebrate the good news and hope that we can all live in peace and harmony together.
Katy Tilt, Aged 9

Dear Lord
Thank you for Easter. Please help us to remember that Easter wouldn’t be here without Jesus. Help us to remember the true meaning of Easter, Jesus died for everyone. As we eat Easter eggs at Easter, remember the time that Jesus was tempted in the wilderness to turn away from God and do wrong things – but you didn’t and that’s what makes you so special. Amen
Danielle Cook, Aged 9

Dear Lord
Thank you for the drops and hay for the horses to lie on and eat, thank you for the farmers and their tractors because they do so much for us. Thank you that we are able to have a harvest festival and then we give all the food out to people who haven’t got much food. Let us remember these people at this time of year. Amen.
Clare Portik, Aged 8

Dear Lord
I thank you that we have visions of heaven because of the stories you told and put in a book known as the Bible. My visions of heaven are of peace and happiness, friends and family reunited. Lord help us no to be worried about going to heaven as you will be there to care for us all forever. Amen
Rebecca Holden, Aged 9

Dear Lord,
Thank you so much for our families. Thank you so much for our grandmas and granddads. Let us remember how special they are and thank you for all the time they spend with us by taking us for walks and all the exciting stories and games they play with us. Amen
James White, Aged 10

Dear God
Thank you for this happy day, for all the fun we’ve had. Thank you for letting me have a happy time with all my friends today.
You have given me so much on this happy day and you have given this beautiful weather. All I want to say to you Lord is ‘THANK YOU’. Amen.
Lizzie Dale, Aged 9.

Dear Lord
Help us to together bind,
In our thoughts and in our mind
When times are rough
And when times are bad
Help us not to be down or sad,
We know you’re there
We know you care.
Thank you dear Lord for being our shield and sword.

When we’re sad and when we cry
Our faith in you does never die
When you’re here we have no fear
Lord n heaven above
We will always have your love.
Thank you dear Lord, for being our shield and sword.
Amy Brettel, aged 10

Dear God
Thank you for the night and the day, for the sun and the stars and the thunder and the lightning and the clouds and the rain. Thank you for the big bright moon. Amen.
Christina Bennett, Aged 7