Dad’s prayers

Today you stood beside your child
With others who love and care for them
Together you have promised to bring them up
As a follower of Jesus Christ

You have shown your child, your family and friends
That you want to play a vital role in your child’s life
Baptism is a sign that you want your child
To enjoy spiritual, as well as material well-being.

The Church – this community – want to support you
in your role as father, and your child
as they join the church community

You promise to pray for your child

You promise to lead them, by your example,
Into taking their place in the community of faith
And within the life of worship of Christ’s church

You promise to care for them

You turn away from wrong doing on their behalf

You turn to Jesus Christ on their behalf.

Wow, I’m a Dad
Thank you God for such an amazing privilege
But now I really need you.
Please give me wisdom, love strength and patience.
By the bucketful.
For the rest of our lives.
Make me the best Dad I can possibly be.

Do you think your child has a soul? If so, what is it for and how can you, as a father, help it develop?
Do you ever pray? Do you think there would be any worth praying for your child and with your child?
Did you enjoy hearing bible stories as a child? What did you learn from them? Consider if your child would enjoy them and what you could teach using these stories.

Can I really make a difference?
You already are!
The greatest gift you can give your child is you. We know that kids with good Dads are usually more at ease with other people, they have more confidence to do well at school, and they’re happier.
You’re such a key person. If you’re a Christian, it makes a big difference to your family.
As your child starts to explore spiritual things, your own commitment will really help him or her.