Financial Giving

The bible makes it very clear that how we use our money is a pretty good indicator of what we think is important or not in our lives (where your treasure is, there your heart is).
So Christians give some of their income to God each week to remind themselves that everything we have is because of God’s goodness and generosity.

In giving we are responding to God’s amazing love for us, not because we think we’re going to get something in return, or could ever possibly buy God’s favour, or because it’s a rule.
In giving we make ourselves part of the worldwide fellowship of believers, who help and support one another, and help show God’s love to others.

In time I will put the church accounts on this page, so you can see what the money is spent on — insurance, salary’s , etc.
In the meantime, take it from me that the church needs £1200 a week to break even. And all of that comes from the congregation — not government money, or council tax or anywhere else.

Here is a basic breakdown of the last 3 years:

Parish Accounts 2015 2016 2017 – this link needs fixing!

And here is the summary of last year’s accounts

Accounts summary for 2017  – this link needs fixing!

You can find out more detailed information on the PCC page  – and this link – ! under “annual accounts”

If you’d like to help in the work of the church and be part of what happens here, or if you want to know about Gift Aid and Standing Orders, then we’d love you to let us know about your financial giving here. – fix link

As a church we support other charities too, and give away 10% of our income.
This is split 4 ways.

3 regular charities get 25% each:
Morning Star
South Africa
Christian Aid

The last 25% is allocated at our Annual General Meeting, when the congregation nominates other charities and the money divided between them.

We also support
the Trussell Trust, through food collection at the back of church and volunteering
the Children’s Society, though our annual Christingle Service
Christian Aid, through door to door collection in May and Jumble Sales.