Healthier Communities

What is Healthier Communities?

Healthier Communities is a programme set up by Wiltshire Council and funded by Sport England. Working in ten estates across the county it aims to provide accessible, informal and fun sporting activities to adults aged from 16 to 75 years+.

Activities range from female only ‘this girl can’ sessions, indoor rackets, walking sports, men’s fitness, Zumba, buggy walks, seated sports sessions…the list goes on!

The project listens to what residents want meaning the activities and sessions are shaped by you!

What sessions do we currently have in Bemerton Heath?

Every Tuesday at 01:30-02:30pm we have a Buggywalk meeting at Little Folly Children’s Centre. A steady, social walk for new parents in the local area to meet up and enjoy some light exercise in the great outdoors.

Fortnightly, on Wednesdays from 11:00-11:30am. Starting Wednesday 30 June we welcome you to join our weekly group seated sport and exercise session at St Michaels Community Centre which will take place before the community lunch club. So join us for a fun and friendly, low-impact exercise class free of charge before a delicious lunch time meal.

Every Wednesday at 2:00-3:00pm at St Michaels Community Centre just turn up and play indoor rackets sports. We have Table Tennis, Badminton and even adapted ‘Walking Tennis’ played with a soft ball made of foam for a slower version of the game.

Want to get involved?

See a session you would be interested in but isn’t your area? Have a great idea for a session that we aren’t delivering yet? Let us know either by emailing us on or by completing our short survey using this link: