Prayers for our children

Bedtime Prayer:
God bless you always in every way.
God hold you and warm you with love.
God light up your life with kindness.
God lead you in the ways of peace.

May you grow in strength, little one,
And use your strength for good.
May you grow in knowledge, little one,
And temper it with wisdom.
May you grow in faith, little one,
And learn to trust in God.
May you grow in love, little one,
And walk in it all your days.
Lord, water the world.
Revive our dryness.
Soak our soreness.
Refresh our tiredness
Wash our filthiness
Bathe our woundedness
Immerse us in love.

Bathe us in your cleansing rivers,
Soak us in your healing waters,
Drench us in your powerful down-falls,
Refresh us in your sparkling streams
Master us in your mighty seas,
Calm us by your quiet pools.

Immerse us in pure water in your gift of tenderness.
Immerse us in your healing water and your gift of wisdom.
Immerse us in your renewing water and your gift of reverence.

Spirit of God,
I am not always sure; strengthen my faith
I am often anxious; help me to trust.
I find it hard to wait; tech me patience.
I cling on to what I have; make me generous,
I get downhearted; fill me with hope.
I am weak and fearful; give me strength and courage.
I put myself first; show me how o love,
Through Jesus my Lord.

A Parent’s Prayer
Loving Father,
You know how hard life in this world can be.
My instinct is to want to protect
My daughter from every hardship.
Yet I know this cannot be –
Sickness, accidents, troubles,
Pain, trials, sadness
And ultimately death
Are unavoidable.
But I ask that I may
Always be there for her
To protect when I can,
Especially in the early years,
And also to help to guide and encourage
Through the hard times.
May she never be tested beyond her strength
Except to make her stronger still.
May whatever suffering comes enable her to sympathise
With the suffering of others
And not wallow in self pity.
May she come to see difficulties as a challenge,
And an opportunity to find a better way,
Rather than an invitation to give up and turn back.
Give her the faith, hope, energy and courage to walk in your way,
Right to the very end.

Jesus, May (name) grow in knowledge and love of you each day.
May every step of his/her life be walked along your way.
Watch over him/her and guide him/her to know you as his/her lord and Saviour.

Heavenly Father, give (name) a deep love of learning,
And the wisdom to understand how to use the knowledge he/she gains.
May he/she know the joy of curiosity and wonder in your beautiful world.
May he/she never stop asking questions.

Lord of all, bless (name) with a deep sense of joy and happiness throughout his/her life.
When times are hard – as sometimes they will be – may he/she still have a thankful heart for blessings received, and for your faithful presence.

Jesus, may (name) always know the joys of loving and being loved.
May he/she never know what it is to be lonely.
May he/she be generous and compassionate, and quick to understand and respond to the needs of others.
May the world be a better place for her presence in it.

God of all, guide (name) along the path of life you have chosen for her
May she greet each bright new day with joy and excitement at all that it might bring
May she always be filled with wonder.
May she always walk with you.

A Godparent’s Prayer
Jesus, on (name’s) special day, there’s so much I want to pray for.
My heart is brimming over with wishes, hoes and dreams for him.
May those that are right for him come true.

I’m filled with awe at what it means to be his Godparent.
Help me to do it as you would want.
Help me to be faithful to the promises I shall make.

Jesus, guide me through the days and years in my relationship with (name).
May I always be sensitive to his needs.

Give me the wisdom, insight and awareness to know what attitude and behaviour is appropriate and right.
May all tat I do and say be pleasing to you.

As the falling raindrops
Make the trees and flowers grow,
May the water of baptism
Help this little one
To blossom in spirit, in grace
And in understanding.
In the name of Jesus Christ.

Older Sibling’s Prayer
Father, thank you for my baby brother,
He seems so small and knows so little
So he needs all the love we can give him

I can’t remember being christened,
And I don’t suppose he will either,
But it’s good to know that you loved us and
Welcomed up into your family,
Even before we were aware of it.

Help me to love (name)
And look after him like a big brother should –
not be jealous when he seems to get more than his fair share of attention;
not be impatient with him when he’s being a pain and won’t leave me alone;
but help and encourage him when he tries to do things that he cant quite manage,
and be pleased when he succeeds.
So we may grow up together not just as brothers, but as life-long friends.