Roads in our Parish

If your road and postcode is listed below, you’re in our parish. If not, you’re not, but you will be in someone’s parish:

Alexandra Close SP2 9LJ
Alexandra Cottages SP2 9AL Quidhampton
Angler Rd SP2 9PB
Australia Ave SP2 7JS
Australia Ave SP2 7JT
Ayreshire Close SP2 9PF
Barnard’s Hill Drive SP2 9RA
Canadian Ave SP2 9JL
Canadian Ave SP2 9JN
Cecil Terrace SP2 9ND
Cedar Close SP2 9JA
Centurion Close SP2 9BL
Cherry Close SP2 7JD
Cherry Orchard Lane SP2 7JF
Cherry Orchard Lane SP2 7JG
Cheshire Close SP2 9JT
Christie Miller Rd SP2 7EN
Church Lane SP2 9NR
Cook’s Close SP2 9PS
Coronation Rd SP2 9DD
Coronation Rd SP2 9DB
Coronation Square SP2 9BD
Crestmount Drive SP2 9LM
Crown Close SP2 9BS
Devizes Rd SP2 7DP
Devizes Rd SP2 9EN
Devizes Rd SP2 9EW
Devizes Rd SP2 9JN
Devizes Rd SP2 9JW
Devizes Rd SP2 9LT
Devizes Rd SP2 9LU
Devizes Rd SP2 9LX
Devizes Rd SP2 9LY
Edgam Place SP2 9AW Quidhampton
Empire Rd SP2 9DE
Empire Rd SP2 9DF
Festival Ave SP2 9HE
Folly View SP2 9JL
Gainsborouqh Close SP2 9EU
Gainsborouqh Close SP2 9EX
Gainsborouqh Close SP2 9HB
Gainsborouqh Close SP2 9HD
Gainsborouqh Close SP2 9HJ
Glyndebourne Close SP2 9EY
Glyndebourne Close SP2 9EZ
Glyndebourne Close SP2 9HA
Gorringe Rd SP2 7HZ
Gorringe Rd SP2 7JA
Grace Close SP2 9PL
Gramshaw Rd SP2 7JR
Hadrian’s Close SP2 9NN
Harper Rd SP2 7HG
Harper Rd SP2 7HQ
Hazel Close SP2 9JJ
Heath Rd SP2 9JS
Heath Rd SP2 9JU
Heath Rd SP2 9JX
Hedley Davis Court SP2 7UE
Herbert Rd SP2 9LF
India Avenue SP2 7HF
Lower Rd SP2 9NB
Lower Rd SP2 9NE
Lower Rd SP2 9NF
Lower Rd SP2 9NH
Lower Rd SP2 9NJ
Lower Rd SP2 9NL
Lower Rd SP2 9NP
Lower Rd SP2 9NQ
Lower Rd SP2 9NW
Lower Rd SP2 9QD
Maryland Close SP2 9JD
New Zealand Ave SP2 7JX
Nursery Rd SP2 7HX
Olivier Close SP2 9JG
Olivier Close SP2 9JQ
Orchard Rd SP2 7JE
Pembroke Rd SP2 9DG
Pembroke Rd SP2 9DH
Pembroke Rd SP2 9DJ
Pembroke Rd SP2 9DQ
Penruddock Close SP2 9HH
Philip Court SP2 9DA
Pinewood Close SP2 9HZ
Pinewood Way SP2 9HU
Pinewood Way SP2 9HX
Pinewood Way SP2 9HY
Primrose Rd SP2 9JP
Primrose Rd SP2 9JR
Pullman Drve SP2 9DN
Pullman Drve SP2 9DW
Queen Alexandra Rd SP2 9JY
Queen Alexandra Rd SP2 9JZ
Queen Alexandra Rd SP2 9LA
Queen Alexandra Rd SP2 9LB
Queen Alexandra Rd SP2 9LL
Queen Alexandra Rd SP2 9LN
Queen Mary Rd SP2 9LD
Quidhampton SP2 9AY
Rambridge Crescent SP2 9JE
Rambridge Crescent SP2 9JF
Ramleaze Rd SP2 9DU
Ramleaze Rd SP2 9PA
Rawlence Rd SP2 9DX
Roberts Road SP2 9BT
Rogers Close SP2 9AU Quidhampton
Roman Rd SP2 9BH
Roman Rd SP2 9BJ
Roman Rd SP2 9BN
Roman Rd SP2 9BP
Roman Rd SP2 9BZ
Rowan Close SP2 9HP
Sheen Close SP2 9PJ
Shropshire Close SP2 9PG
Skew Bridge Rd SP2 9NX
St. Andrew’s Rd SP2 9NT
St. Andrew’s Rd SP2 9NU
St. Gregory s Ave SP2 7JP
St. Gregory s Ave SP2 7JW
St. Michael’s Rd SP2 9EH
St. Michael’s Rd SP2 9EL
St. Michael’s Rd SP2 9EQ
Stanley Little Rd SP2 9DS
Stanley Little Rd SP2 DT
Syringa Court SP2 9LB
Temperance Cottages SP2 9AZ Quidhampton
The Coolins SP2 9AN Quidhampton
The Valley SP2 9EJ
The Valley SP2 9EL
Tournament Rd SP2 9LG
Tournament Rd SP2 9LQ
Wellington Way SP2 9BU
Wellington Way SP2 BX
Western Way SP2 9DP
Western Way SP2 9DR ima
Westwood Rd SP2 9HN
Westwood Rd SP2 9HR
Westwood Rd SP2 9HS
Westwood Rd SP2 9HT
Westwood Rd SP2 9HW
Westwood Rd SP2 9JB
Whitbred Rd SP2 9PE
Wilton Rd SP2 7HY
Wilton Rd SP2 7JB
Wilton Rd SP2 7JH
Wilton Rd SP2 7JJ
Wilton Rd SP2 7JQ
Wilton Rd SP2 7JY
Wilton Rd SP2 7JZ
Wilton Rd SP2 7LA
Winding Way SP2 9DY
Winding Way SP2 9DZ
Winding Way SP2 9EA
Woodside Rd SP2 9EB
Woodside Rd SP2 9ED
Woodside Rd SP2 9EE
Woodside Rd SP2 9EF
Woodside Rd SP2 9EG