Christening / Baptism

It’s really exciting that you want to be baptised (or christened – it means the same thing), or you want it for your child.

If you would like to get your child baptised please make contact with Rev’d Kevin.  Following Christ is not something we can do on our own, so it would be lovely if you can come along to a church service to meet us and get to know us a bit. We are an inclusive church which means we aim to offer a warm welcome to everybody. If you would like to speak to somebody before attending a service you can contact Rev’d Kevin for an informal conversation.

Once you feel that becoming a Christian, or bringing your child up as a Christian, is something you really want to do, and feel able to do, you can contact Keren, our administrator to see if a date is free or you can contact Rev Kevin. You can choose which day you would like to have the Christening and whether to have it in the main service or as a separate service. Whenever you have the Baptism it is important to realise it is a public service which means all are welcome to attend and not restricted to invite only. Well. Usually! In this time of pandemic we are limited as to the numbers who are allowed to attend.

As we are part of the Church of England, we are only supposed to baptise people who live in our parish, however, if you live outside this area we can usually make arrangements to make it happen here.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope we might see you at one of our services. Please do make yourself known to one of the clergy or lay ministers that you are there so we get a chance to say hello. We promise we won’t try and sign you up to any rotas!

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