Christening & Baptism

It’s really exciting that you want to be baptised (or christened – it means the same thing), or you want it for your child or grandchild.

It will take at least 3 months from when you contact us to when you can have your Christening.
Getting christened is a serious commitment to follow Christ, and so involves coming to church, learning about your faith, and trying to put it into practice.
The best way you can start to do that is by coming along to church, and we’ve got a family friendly service just for you.
Fun Church is a 45 minute toddler friendly service – with games, children’s songs, interactive prayers – and there’s a good crowd there to join in with. We know that parenting is hard and that time is short, weekends are especially precious. So Fun Church is only on once a month, its our way of helping you to keep the promises you make to God at baptism. Its the First Sunday of the month

Following Christ is not something we can do on our own, so we’d really like you to come along to church to meet us, get to know us a bit, before you set the date for your child’s Christening.

holding childOnce you’ve been a few times, it will help you work out where you are on your spiritual journey. Maybe you’re not ready yet, or maybe this isn’t for you. Maybe you need to find out more before you decide.

Once you feel that becoming a Christian, or bringing your child up as a Christian, is something you really want to do, and feel able to do, then one of the staff will come round and have a chat and we can
set the date, time and place for the Christening.

These are usually on a Sunday lunchtime or afternoon.

If you’d like some prayers you can say with your children, then follow here.

As we are part of the Church of England, we are only supposed to baptise people you live in our parish, however, if you live outside this area we can usually make arrangements to make it happen here

We look forward to seeing you at church soon, and getting to know you better!