Funerals and Burials of Ashes

If you are planning a funeral and the deceased lived within Bemerton Parish you can ask the Rector to conduct a funeral at St Michael’s, St Andrew’s or St John’s Place. You can also ask for the Rector to take a funeral service at a crematorium or at the graveside in any of the civic cemeteries in Salisbury. Unfortunately our churchyards are closed for the burial of a body as they are full but it is possible to bury Ashes in the Churchyard of St John’s Place in Lower Bemerton provided these are into an existing family grave dated prior to 14th February 2006.

Rev’d Kevin may sometimes need to ask a fellow member of the Ministry Team to take the funeral but he is the first point of contact. Kevin sees conducting funerals as a real privilege and he is always happy to receive requests to officiate. As the Church of England the services we conduct are faith focused but we have a great amount of flexibility on how the service for your loved one is structured. You are very welcome to include a particular poem and the music you choose doesn’t have to be hymns. It can be anything that reminds you of the person who has died and whose life we are celebrating. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.